Hi there! I’m Katie.

I’m a graduate student studying bioengineering at the University of Utah.

I grew up in Newtown, Connecticut, before moving to Virginia for college where I studied biomedical engineering and engineering business. After 22 years on the eastern seaboard, I truly thought I was an east coast girl through and through.

That all changed when I flew to Salt Lake City for my interview at the University of Utah. I was instantly hooked on the mountains, the science, and the people, so when I graduated from the University of Virginia in 2012 I packed up and headed west to pursue a Ph.D.

I’m currently starting my fourth year of graduate school. By day (and a lot of coffee-fueled nights) I study genomic signal processing. We draw from mathematics, biology, and medicine to analyze large-scale genomic datasets using matrix decompositions. By using this kind of mathematics, we can gain insight into the genomic features of various cancers, such as brain or ovarian cancer, and how they relate to clinical outcomes. Our goal is to provide clinicians with a personalized prognostic and diagnostic laboratory test that can be used to predict both the patient’s survival and response to treatment. You can read more about all of that here.

In between debugging code and analyzing patient data, I love to spend time outdoors in the beautiful Utah wilderness — hiking, biking, and rock climbing in summer, and skiing in the winter. I also have budding interests in cooking and photography.

I’m starting this blog primarily as an effort to document my journey through grad school. I’ll record the ups and downs of research, offer tips that I’ve learned (usually the hard way), and maybe even some comic relief.

My hope is that it will also be a way to stay connected with my family back east and my friends all over the country, a source of camaraderie for my fellow grad students, and an outlet to write something other than abstracts and technical manuscripts.

I’m passionate about science, strong coffee, outdoor adventures, and friends, and this blog will include elements of all of those things. Join me on my journey through grad school as I document the ups and downs of this crazy adventure.